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This beautiful girl passed away at the age of fourteen on November 2. We miss her very much. Though I knew she had weakened, I still wasn't ready to part with her. She was a big presence in our community, and our too empty hearts have been warmed by sharing neighbors, especially children, who grew up with her listening to their stories, supporting them when they plopped on the grass beside her to read a book from the Little Free Library, and were protected by her. More than once she stood up to frighten away a suspicious person. Her reactions were quick and her instincts sharp. I don't know if she would have actually harmed an attacker--never, even in her roughest play did she break skin--but she certainly knew how to intimidate. She was a good girl, well-behaved, but far from obedient. She was sensitive too, which made her such a delightful companion to so many friends. And she thought everyone should be her friend. She would pout if she didn't get to meet a dog on a walk, or a deer or a cat or a fox, but mostly dogs.

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