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Look after yourself

I was working at a coffee shop community table today so close to some college students that joining their conversation was inevitable. Post covid days indeed... The young lady was dealing with difficult issues: mother with long term illness, catching up with her studies now that she had more time away from the hospital, and her mother's friends trying to guilt her into quitting school altogether so she could help her mother more than she is already. I commend her choice of friends, who were giving her steady support and good advice.

I hope that she has the strength to look after herself amid all of the pressure. I hope that she will understand that she is not being selfish if she follows the advice her mother gave her before her illness caused confusion. I hope that she can set the priorities that make the most sense for her and her family, even against the advice of outsiders. I hope that the things I told her, from the perspective of a mature person (I do qualify in some respects) will help her even a little with this burden.

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